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A Letter From Attorney Matt Karzen

If you have been arrested for a crime, the first thing you need is a competent defense lawyer. Secondly, you need a local lawyer who practices in the charging jurisdiction.

I am Matt Karzen. Before I became a criminal defense attorney, I was a prosecutor for more than a decade, including several years as the Chief Assistant District Attorney for Georgia's Western Judicial Circuit, which includes Athens. During my career, I have prosecuted hundreds of criminal cases and participated in more than 1,000 criminal investigations from the prosecutions point of view.

When I was a prosecutor analyzing a filed criminal case, my priority was to identify where and how the case was weak or vulnerable and try to shore it up. Once a case has been filed, that is what prosecutors do. As a defense attorney, my experience helps me "out-maneuver" the prosecution, because I can anticipate what the prosecutor is doing, and what their arguments will be. Knowing how the prosecution thinks helps me plan, and effectively implement, your defense.

There are basically two types of defenses in criminal cases:

  • Pretrial defense — These concern issues related to your arrest or the way evidence was gathered. The goal of a pretrial defense is to suppress evidence and, if possible, obtain a dismissal.
  • Substantive reasonable doubt — These attack the quality and/or nature of the substantive evidence and allegations themselves so guilt cannot be established beyond a reasonable doubt.

Whether you are charged with DUI, assault, drug possession, domestic violence, date rape, fraud or other criminal offenses, getting someone to listen to you can be half the battle. As a former prosecutor, I understand how to get a meaningful audience with your prosecuting attorney, and make sure that your side of the story is heard: Trials always pose some level of risk, with your fate in the hands of a jury. Therefore, you should never risk a trial without first trying to reach your goals by convincing the prosecutor to simply agree to what you want. I offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case.


Defense Attorney Matt Karzen