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Sex Crimes | Child Molestation

Protecting the Accused From Life-Changing Consequences

The collateral consequences of a sex crime conviction in Georgia are often worse than the direct consequences such as jail time. It is possible to receive probation for a sex crime conviction, even for a charge as serious as child molestation. While you may avoid prison, you would still be forced to register as a sex offender, potentially for the rest of your life.

My name is Matt Karzen. As a former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney in Athens, Georgia, I know that sex charges must be defended as aggressively as possible. My primary goal in any sex crime case would be to avoid prison and if at all possible, avoid a conviction that would result in the need for sex offender registration. Because it is so easy to make a false allegation of a sexual offense, in many instances holding out for a straight dismissal is a legitimate strategy.

Although sex crimes may be charged a number of different ways, the looming penalty remains the same. I defend people facing all types of sex charges, including:

  • Rape
  • Sexual battery
  • Aggravated sexual battery
  • Date rape
  • Solicitation
  • Computer related charges

In Georgia, the range of behavior that falls under our child molestation statute is very broad. For example, if you are 18 years old and have a consenting relationship with your girlfriend who is, in the eyes of the law, "underage", you can be charged not only with statutory rape, but with child molestation and face the same consequences as the person who actually victimized a much younger child.

Aggressively Defending Your Rights

If you are charged a sex crime, it is important to talk to a lawyer as early as possible. It is more difficult for the police to prove these charges than you might think. Often, it is one person's word against another.

As your lawyer, I will conduct a thorough investigation of your case. I will look into the motives of the person who gave information to police. For example, an ex-spouse may accuse the former partner of abusing their daughter in order to obtain sole custody.

Free Attorney Consultation

If you face sex charges in Georgia, contact me, lawyer Matt Karzen, for a free consultation. My law office is in downtown Athens, Georgia. Call toll free at 866-487-0881.